About Amazing Remedies

Alternative medicine is growing every year because it is safer, less expensive, user controlled and usually more effective. More Americans used alternative medicine last year than used standard medicine.

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A Different Point of View

  • select a disease which affects many people
  • select a disease which is ignored by the medical establishment
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We Sell No Medicine

Amazing Remedies is all about Alternative Medicine but we sell NO Alternative Medicine! If we did, we would immediately lose our objectivity. We would also lose our motive to tell you the whole truth

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Fever Blisters, Cold Sores, And The Herpes Virus

Have you noticed the thousands of websites offering one remedy for Herpes Simplex Virus, Cold Sores, and Fever Blisters? One remedy just isn't enough and is the wrong approach to the problem! Every person's reaction to a given remedy is different and we use many remedies to help you find your best group of remedies.

Remedies to kill the Cold Virus, Influenza, Stomach Flu, Ect...

So many websites dealing with colds and flu viruses! 99% only help with the symptoms and do NOT attack the Flu Virus itself! We believe a true Flu remedy must attack the underlying Influenza virus to be successful. 


Have you ever noticed how many websites there are offering one remedy for Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteo Arthritis, ect. One isn't enough, and besides its the wrong approach to the problem. We know every person's reaction to a given Arthritis remedy is different and we believe in a 'shotgun' approach to finding you the best group of Arthritis remedies for you.


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